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Changing The Way We

Think and Talk About Emotions

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Own your emotions,
don't let your emotions own you!

Society says emotions are inconvenient and unimportant, 
then we push them away and they express themselves anyway.

How's that technique working for you? 
That perspective led me into abusive relationships in the past!

Now, I teach people how to own their emotions using the fundamentals of
knowledge, observation, self-reflection and communication.


About Shannon


Shannon Buckley brings light to the struggles, triumphs, and impact of embracing the challenges of emotional intelligence as a keynote speaker.

The world is in the middle of a mental health crisis, which she believes stems from the cultural ignorance of emotional intelligence. To solve these problems, she teaches people to take hold of their lives by getting in touch with their emotions and leveraging their emotional intelligence through communication, self-reflection, and observation to reach their fullest potential. 

With a Bachelors in Behavioral Science and Speech and Hearing Sciences from Metropolitan State University, completion of the Klemmer & Associates Leadership Curriculum, and numerous other leadership courses, Shannon brings her education and experience in the business, leadership, and entertainment industries to every talk and interaction. She is able to understand what it’s like to struggle because she has struggled herself and overcome through embracing emotional intelligence to find her weaknesses and grow professionally and personally. 

As a competitive athlete from a very young age, Shannon knew what it meant to work hard and still fail. Through two serious back injuries, she persevered even when a core component of her identity was challenged and limited. In 2006, she bought a sewing machine to pursue a career as a business owner and artist, but her limited relationship and communication skills held her business back from growing. Through a difficult relationship and her father’s battle with cancer, she decided to start a blog and YouTube channel as well as publish a book and take part in leadership courses to continue her education. Instead of letting her struggles hold her back, she let them serve as a source of encouragement to be better and help others do the same by sharing her knowledge and story with her audience.

In her spare time, Shannon can be found spending time with friends and family, enjoying the outdoors on camping trips, staying fit, painting, and researching new and interesting things. 

Speaking Demo
Talk Topics

Talk Topics

Why it’s important to be open about your emotions!

Shannon struggled with recognizing and communicating her emotions for nearly 20 years. When she did make the connection, she realized there was nothing to be afraid of! Being honest with ourselves and others about our internal experiences naturally increases the clarity, integrity and respect within our relationships. This talk is an introduction to looking at emotions with a new perspective of patience and curiosity in order to co-create from a personally responsible and self-aware foundation. Shannon provides her audience with information and well researched methods to empower each attendee to increase their emotional intelligence no matter what their level of competence. 

The difference between emotions and feelings

Many people use the terms “feeling” and “emotion” as synonyms, but they are not interchangeable. While they have similar elements, there is a marked difference between feelings and emotions. In order to stay present and in control while the energy within moves, it's necessary to be able to differentiate between the two.  This talk is an advanced topic and is recommended as a follow up to Shannon's keynote on "why it's important to be open about emotions and how it can help you"


Emotions connect our vision to our reality! It's good to have visions and dreams of what we hope to accomplish. It means something to be connected to ways that you wish to impact humanity. Not everyone feels like and Shannon believes it's special when it exists, however, many people have dreams but a dream is simply not enough.  It takes action to make a dream a reality and our emotions have an enormous influence on our actions.  By increasing your emotional intelligence, you can gain more consciousness over your mind-body connection and find the places within you that keep you stuck/hold you back from moving forward on your dreams.  Can you see the value?  As a life-long entrepreneur Shannon has implemented this strategy to actualize many of her wildest dreams in her own life and the audiences from this talk feel very inspired from listening to this talk!



“Thinking and talking about emotions is hard for most people, but Shannon breaks the ice in a down to earth way that allowed me to be okay with admitting that I do indeed experience emotions. With that first hurdle cleared, I was able to really internalize the method and benefit greatly from simply being aware of my changing emotional states. I think there are many people who aren't even aware of how much they can improve their wellbeing, their job performance, or their personal relationships with the information and methods that Shannon introduced me too. Highly recommended for all humans!”

David P.
Denver, CO

“By implementing the perspectives and utilizing resources Shannon shared with me, I've been able to be unapologetically be myself much more often. I have stopped feeling like a doormat and realized that I can say "No" when I need to. I used to be worried that if I was honest with others about my own feelings that it would hurt them, but Shannon has taught me how to put myself first in a loving way. 

I'm beyond grateful and feel more confident each day in my personal and professional relationships.”

Jil D.
Knoxville, TN

"Shannon listens.  A simple concept that is difficult to master.  In order to help others, one needs listen, internalize and offer up solutions to what people need.  Shannon is a passionate leader who not only listens to others, but takes the time to ensure that her easily digested message lands in the most impactful manner possible.


I've had the pleasure of working with Shannon for a number of years in a multitude of capacities.  She is as thoughtful as she is entertaining and her ability to connect with others is truly special.  If you have an opportunity to bring her onto your team or if you have a chance to introduce Shannon to your clients, do not hesitate.  Your business will improve.  Your team's mindset will elevate.  If there is a task that needs to be refined, Shannon's insight is invaluable." 

Seth H.
Los Angeles, CA




Phone Number: 7208790527


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